• Location: In Kurdistan

    I'm spending the week in Kurdish region of Iraq - in and out of Erbil. The best way to get in touch is by email. I'll be back in Barcelona on Friday, May 23.

  • Park del Centre de Poblenou, Barcelona

    Last week I had an assignment to provide photos for The New York Times for a story about 'smart' systems in Barcelona, one of which is a smart watering system for some of the city's parks. It was a great excuse to discover the Park del Centre de Poblenou, a modernist corner of the city thankfully not (yet) taken over by tourists.

  • Introducing @everydaymiddleeast

    While working in the Middle East and North Africa I'm often struck by how much attention is paid by the western mainstream media to the worst cases or most extreme minorities, and conversly, how little attention and imagery are devoted to the middle-ground majority experience. I wonder what our image of Canada and America would be like if we covered places close to home the same way we cover places that are far away (probably something like this).

    For this reason, I'm excited to introduce the launch of a new project: Everyday Middle East. The project is an Instagram feed by photographers working in the Middle East and North Africa. By displaying mobile phone images from our day-to-day lives we hope to work against the stereotypes and visual tropes that are so prevalent about the region in the mainstream media.

    Current @everydaymiddleeast contributors are: Dalia Khammissy, Bryan Denton, Tamara Abdul Hadi, Laura El Tantawy, Wissam Nassar, Tanya Habjouqa, Silvia Razgova, Newsha Tavakolian, Christina Rizk, Kiana Hayeri, Ed Ou, Iman Aldabbagh, Alex Kay Potter, Laura Boushnak, Samuel Aranda and myself.

    We're inspired by @everydayafrica - a project conceived by Peter DiCampo and Austin Merrill.
    Find us on Instagram at @everydaymiddleeast, or follow us on Facebook.

  • Location: Back in Spain

    I'm back home in Catalonia. Available on my mobile: +34 630 324 327 or landline: +34 972 597 876.

  • Upcoming: Project in Barcelona "Retratant la ciutat"

    In April and May 2014 I'll be doing some teaching as part of a new project in Barcelona "Objectiu BCN: Retratant la Ciutat" is a photo documentary project that attemps to be a memory of Barcelona city in 2014. Curated by Samuel Aranda, the project Includes workshops, talks, and a final exhibtion with all the participants.

    12 cultural centers around the city will hold the workshops over the next six months. The new Barcelona Museum of Design will hold the masterclasses.

    More info here (in Catalan): and here (in Spanish):

  • Location: In and around Croatia

    I'll be in and around Croatia for the next month. My local contact number in Croatia is +385 91 761 3280.

    From September 26 - October 03 I'll be in Slovenia at +386 51 773 375.

    Photo: A wedding celebration in Trogir, Croatia.

  • Published: National Geographic Traveler

    A photo that I took while working on a National Geographic Expeditions trip to Cuba in May was recently published on the 'Travel 365' page of National Geographic Traveler's website. Here's the link.

  • Updated Photo Story - Algeria: Plus ça change

    I was in Algeria for the second time in April of this year and have now had a chance to update a story I started working on there in 2012. See the full photo set here.

    More photos from Algeria are also available on the Redux archive, here and here.

  • Published: The Scene

    Photos from an assignment in Turkey in the spring have been published in Colgate University's alumni magazine, The Scene.

    Additional photos are also in the University's admissions material, including this Viewbook.

  • News: Presentations in Vancouver & Whistler, BC

    Samuel Aranda and I will be speaking at 7:00 on Wednesday, May 29th at Langara College in Vancouver, BC as part of their Photography Masters Series. Ticket and venue information here.

    We did a radio interview with CBC's On the Coast before the event. That interview can be accessed here.

    Then on June 5th we will be in my hometown of Whistler BC to give a presentation hosted by the Whistler Arts Council at 8:00 PM at Millennium Place. Ticket and venue information here.  The presentation and a bit about our work was covered in local newspaper The Whistler Question.

  • Location: In Vancouver, Canada

    I've just arrived in Vancouver, Canada and will be here until June 8th. After that I'll be in Cuba for another National Geographic Expedition from June 9 - 17, and then back to Spain for the summer.

    Available on 1-778-918-8627.

  • Published: Le Monde

    A set of photos from Bioko, Equatorial Guinea have been published in the 'Geopolitique' section of Le Monde. There is also a larger photo gallery online (available to subscribers only).

  • Location: In Algeria

    I'm in Algeria on a photo assignment for The National until about April 25th. Contact phone +213 663 91 81 68.

  • Published: The Scene

    Photos and text in the Colgate Scene - the magazine of my undergraduate university in upstate New York. Online version here.

  • Location: In Tunisia

    I'm back in Tunisia until about April 15th. My first, slightly sad discovery is that the above graffiti (from October 2012) no longer exists - it's been whitewashed. Not sure what I should read into that...

    Available on +216 94 134 565.

  • Published: CBC Radio

    I've published two new pieces recently for CBC radio. For As it Happens, a more intimate view of one family's struggle through the eviction crisis from here in Spain, and for The Current a piece about the endangered monkeys of Bioko, from my trip to Equatorial Guinea in January. To listen, see my multimedia page.