• Location: In Algeria

    I'm in Algeria on a photo assignment for The National until about April 25th. Contact phone +213 663 91 81 68.

  • Published: The Scene

    Photos and text in the Colgate Scene - the magazine of my undergraduate university in upstate New York. Online version here.

  • Location: In Tunisia

    I'm back in Tunisia until about April 15th. My first, slightly sad discovery is that the above graffiti (from October 2012) no longer exists - it's been whitewashed. Not sure what I should read into that...

    Available on +216 94 134 565.

  • Published: CBC Radio

    I've published two new pieces recently for CBC radio. For As it Happens, a more intimate view of one family's struggle through the eviction crisis from here in Spain, and for The Current a piece about the endangered monkeys of Bioko, from my trip to Equatorial Guinea in January. To listen, see my multimedia page.

  • Location: In Istanbul

    I'm on assignment in Istanbul for a few days. Back in Spain on March 13.

  • New Photo Story: Bioko on the Brink

    I've just posted a new photo story from my January trip to Bioko, Equatorial Guinea.

    A new generation of Equatoguineans are fighting to preserve their environmental heritage, training to become scientists and professors and trying to educate their peers. But it remains to be seen whether their efforts will create change before it’s too late for the unique biodiversity of Bioko Island.

    If you are interested in learning more about Bioko's environment, you can also read about the activities of the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program (BBPP), a US-based conservation initiative focused on Bioko that has done much of the training and research that this new generation of locals are building from.

  • News: Everday Africa

    I've just started contributing photos to the Everyday Africa feed on Instagram (and Tumblr). Everyday Africa is a project started by photographer Peter DiCampo and writer Austin Merrill which has since grown to include a number of other photojournalists working across the continent (including Jane Hahn, Holly Pickett, Shannon Jensen, Laura El-Tantawy, Idil Ibrahim, Glenna Gordon, and Charlie Shoemaker).

    The goal is to show images of daily life in Africa. It's an attempt to counter the prevaling Western narrative that over-emphasises only worst cases from the continent, to the exclusion of everything else. In contrast, the feed shows that "the extreme [is] not nearly as prevalent as the familiar, the every day."

    The project is also demonstrating that embracing new modes of communication can help photographers reach an audience that they normally wouldn't; after being featured by Instagram as a "suggested user" the feed now has more than 18,000 followers. Peter put this well in recent article on Introducing Africa to the OMG Crowd.

    Everyday Africa also recently "took over" the feed of The New Yorker and has received coverage from The New York Times Lens Blog.

  • Location: Back from Bioko

    I've just returned to Spain from my month working on a story in Equatorial Guinea on the island of Bioko. I'm now at home editing photos and putting together some radio pieces. It was a fascinating trip and I look forward to sharing the stories with you. Will post as they are published.

    To get in touch with me in Spain try my mobile (+34 630 324 327) or fixed line (+34 972 597 876).

    The photo above is from the 'port' in the town of Luba, Bioko. It's where we got on the boat to begin our time in the Gran Caldera Scientific Reserve in the south. More photos to come.

  • Location: On assignment and offline for January 2013

    I'm working on an story in a remote location and won't have access to phone reception or internet for most of January. If you need to send an urgent message, or for assignment inquiries, please contact Samuel Aranda  - and he will get back to you for me.

    Tell you all about the trip when I get back in February...

  • Photos: On Instagram

    My sister gave me her old iPhone as an early Christmas present, and though I'm a little late to the bandwagon it's been fun to experiment with my old school iPhone 3. I'm on Instagram @lindsay_mackenzie. The photo above is out the kitchen window of an apartment in Barcelona, where the neighbour is constantly calling to his flock of carrier pigeons...

  • Location: In Spain + Tunisia

    I'm in between Tunisia and Spain for the month of December, but am currently in and around Barcelona and available at +34 630 324 327.

  • Location: New York, Vancouver, DC

    I'll be in traveling from October 18 - November 18th: in New York to attend a journalism safety training workshop, in Vancouver to see family, and in Washington DC to show photos at Fotoweek DC. Back in Tunisia after that.

  • Photos: 'Indecency' Trial in Tunisia

    I spent some time outside a courthouse in Tunis yesterday to cover protests calling for the judge to drop charges of 'indecency' against an alleged rape victim. The case has made international headlines and has shocked and outraged most Tunisians I've spoken to. Many women here see this as another in a series of attacks against rights that have been enshrined in Tunisian law for more that half a century. Tunisians in general seem to be growing more disillusioned with what the revolution has really accomplished; a recent poll conduced by IRI claims that 67% of Tunisians think Tunisia is "going in the wrong direction." This trial, if it continues, will not help to remedy that fear.

    A few more photos from the demonstrations on October 2 are here.

  • Published: Recent Work

    The National: Tunisia's Revolution and the Salafi Effect - featuring a photo of Olympic medal winning runner, Habiba Ghribi

    The National: Dream City - from a recent art event in the Medina of Tunis

    IRIN: Yemen's Aid Money - file photos from February published in a story about rebuilding Yemen.

    NDI: Algeria Election Report - work from the Algerian elections in May used in NDI's election report.

    The Washington Post: Salafis Build Influence - photos in the gallery

  • Location: Back in Tunisia

    I've just arrived back in Tunisia and am available for assignments except for September 30 and October 4/5. Tunisian mobile +216 24 96 80 49

  • News: Freelance Forum Fund: 2012 Bursary Winner

    Excited to announce that I've been selected a winner of a Freelance Forum Fund bursary to attend a journalism safety training workshop at Columbia University in late October.

    Here's a link to the press release:

    A big thanks to FFF and also the Rory Peck Trust for supporting freelance journalists and journalism safety. I'm looking forward to attending the course!

  • Location: Spain/France/Turkey/Italy

    I'll be on a road trip in Spain, at a photo festival in France, working on a tour in Italy, and in Istanbul in-between for the month of September. Back in Tunisia in early October. Phew. My current location and contact number are always published on my home/photo page at the bottom of the bio.

  • On Assignment: Sidi Bouzid for The National

    Yesterday I drove with The National's North Africa correspondent back down to Sidi Bouzid for an upcoming story. It has been more than a year since I was last there, and it was humbling to remember that this is where it all began. Lamine Bouazizi (pictured above), a historian and revolutionary, told us that this area has had a history of rebellion since ancient times. As we talked in his office, both the water and the electricity sputtered on and off, and then stopped working altogether - a common occurrence this past summer. Given these daily frustrations and the lack of progress in making any visible changes in Sidi Bouzid since the revolution, I imagine it will remain rebellious for some time to come.

    Update: the article + photos from this day have since been published.

  • Photos: Tunisia Women's Day

    August 13th marked Tunisian Women's Day, which many chose to celebrate by taking to the streets downtown to both celebrate and demonstrate. Recent negotiations over the draft constitution have resulted in a controversy over the status of women, with a proposal being discussed that may deem women "complimentary" to men - though of course both the literal translation and intended meaning of the wording is the subject of much debate. More photos here.

  • Location: Back in Tunisia

    It's good to be back home in Tunisia after a summer away. I'm available at +216 24 96 80 49.

  • Location: In Barcelona

    I'll be in Barcelona from July 31 until Aug. 09th. My contact number in Spain is +34 669 169 584.